About “I Fly Kites!”

Chances are, you’ve been out flying a kite, and someone has walked up to you and said, “I used to fly kites…” and then launch into their story. Everyone has a kite story. Whether its making your first kite out of newspaper and sticks, or watching an amazing kite performance on TV, there is something enchanting about kites. Maybe its something about being able to harness the wind for something beautiful, or maybe you have seen people zipping across the beach powered by a kite.

Whatever your motivation, there are millions of other kite flyers that are enjoying the same thing you are.

That is what inspired the “I Fly Kites!” Project.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to proclaim to the world that you fly kites?

Through this community project, our hope is to receive hundreds of kite videos of people proclaiming that they fly kites. We will then stitch together these videos to make a promotional video that can then be distributed to generate a renewed interest in kiting and show the diverse and unique personalities that are involved.