How to Submit Your Video

Submit your video to

If you’ve never been to or have never uploaded a video, don’t worry. Here are the steps to uploading your video to them.

– Sign up for a YouTube account :

– Upload a file from your computer or record a video using your phone or webcam.

– For best results, complete the Settings and Info sections for your video.

  • Share your video publicly.
  • Include “IFlyKites” in the Tags section and select the “Sports” category.
  • Give the video an accurate title and description to help people discover it.

– Obtain the URL of the video (

Submit your video to “I Fly Kites!”

Once you’ve uploaded your video, simply send us the link to your video. We will ask you to accept our usage agreement, that will allow us to use your video to create our kite promotional video. Don’t worry, we won’t sell your video or violate your privacy in any way. But legally we have to do it, so we don’t get in trouble.

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Not able to upload your video to YouTube? Contact me directly at : and I will help you find alternative ways of submitting your video.